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Founded by Kurt Gemeinhardt, a 4th generation flute-maker in Germany, the Gemeinhardt company was established in 1948, 20 years after Gemeinhardt’s immigration to the United States. Initially crafting only very fine hand made flutes for professionals, the company expanded in 1952, moving to Elkhart Indiana to produce all levels of silver flutes. Buy gemeinhardt flute open hole and save big - low UK Shipping & fast. Top deal of the day : Save up to 21% on gemeinhardt flute open hole sale bargains! GEMEINHARDT KG SPECIAL Solid Silver Flute Open Hole Low B Gold Lip - $647.00. Gemeinhardt KG Special Solid Silver Flute Open Hole Low B Gold Lip . Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail and to continental United states lower 48 only. Everything works as it should. I play tested the instrument and it plays well in all registers. Thank you. 233409900238 Dec 13, 2005 · The Gemeinhardt M3 is their Model 3. If the flute in the store really is a Model 3, than it is NOT a good deal. They want you to believe it is a higher quality flute because it has a gold plated lip plate, but it is just an open-holed student flute, and the lip plate is just a sales gimmick. Mar 01, 2015 · The Gemeinhardt Silver Flute with original Case, has an estimated value on the secondary retail market for an of average of $1100.00-1500.00, depending on the condition and where it is for sale at. If you plan on selling this I would list this for sell on the internet where it will have the largest shopping market. New Gemeinhardt 3B open hole Flute model inline G low B list $1,398.00 In addition, a gizmo key (high C facilitator). open hole Flute model # 3B- inline G key. The inline G key insures correct intonation. All professional players use the inline G key. is standard on every B foot model flute. The open hole feature allows for more control of the tone of the instrument. Most professionals use open hole flutes. This flute is silver plated both inside and out. This helps to improve the tone and tuning. Tuning between registers can often be a problem, and consistent use of materials helps that. The tone holes are drawn and turned. That ... Sep 26, 2009 · There is a woman in our college-level Symphonic Band who has played a Gemeinhardt 'pro' flute (open holes, 'pro' cut headjoint with gold lipplate and riser) and has done a pretty decent job with it, she has been competent and with lessons had advanced her playing over the last 5 years. Gemeinhardt is the world's largest manufacturer of flutes and piccolos, providing players from every walk of life with the perfect instrument for their skill set. Gemeinhardt 33SB Flute • Silver-plated open hole key mechanism with French pointed arms • Solid Silver “J1” thinwall headjoint with hand-sculpted embouchure hole • Solid silver body and B footjoint • 12K white gold springs Not by the hole or where your lip touches. Strictly cosmetic. This is a used flute and there tiny fine scratches from normal use. May not look like an open-hole flute at first glance. There are metal-topped cork plugs in this flute closing the holes. Simply pop the plugs out to open whichever holes desired. Get the best deal for Open Hole Silver Body Flutes from the largest online selection at Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Artisan Flute AFL 31-OSilver Plated NG1 head joint and plated body, C foot, French model (open hole keys), offset G key, top adjusting screws, felt on tails, supplied in a C3 black case. Azumi Flute AZ3000RE Open Hole, Solid Silver Altus Headjoint and Body 958 Silver. This is a well cared for Azumi AZ3000 RE flute with open holes, offset G, Split E and C-foot. The flute features an Altus Z-cut headjoint in solid. 958 Britannia silver. The flute body and foot are also. 958 silver. NEW GEMEINHARDT 30B SILVER OPEN HOLE B-FOOT FLUTE WITH OFFSET G 3OB. Offset G keys are more ergonomic and comfortable to hold, and are gaining popularity among students and professionals. The elegant French style case and water-resistant nylon case-cover carries your flute in style and safety. Each Gemeinhardt professional flute is hand assembled and finished by experienced artisans dedicated to creating instruments of incomparable quality and enduring beauty. Features the unique Gemeinhardt pointed pad cup design on beautiful and durable sterling silver keys along with a heavier crown. The BLK Series 3OB-BLK intermediate flute is modeled after the Gemeinhardt 3OB intermediate flute. Featuring an alluring black nickel-plated finish with silver-plated open-hole keys, an NG1 headjoint with sterling silver lip and riser, offset G, and a B footjoint. Gemeinhardt 33SB Flute • Silver-plated open hole key mechanism with French pointed arms • Solid Silver “J1” thinwall headjoint with hand-sculpted embouchure hole • Solid silver body and B footjoint • 12K white gold springs M3 Open Hole Flute with Case. USED Gemeinhardt M3 Open Hole Flute with Case In addition, a Gizmo key (high C facilitator) is standard on every B foot model flute. Gemeinhardt flutes also feature superior key mechanisms for fast action and outstanding playability.. Intermediate level, Open Hole, Offset G, B footjoint, Silver-Plated construction, French style keys. M3 Open Hole Flute with Case. USED Gemeinhardt M3 Open Hole Flute with Case Used Gemeinhardt 3B Open Hole Flute. $695.00. Used Gemeinhardt 3S Solid Silver Open Hole C Foot Flute. $795.00. Used Gemeinhardt 730 Open Hole Flute (C Foot) $550.00. We have a wide selection of new and used Emerson Flute for sale. Cheap prices on all Emerson Flute. ... Emerson Open Hole Flute With B Foot includes case and cleaning ... Gemeinhardt Model 3B Silver-Plated inline concert flute in C with B foot, open holes, and plastic plugs, Serial No. 449528 from around 1999. Flute comes with original Gemeinhardt silver-plated headjoint, J1. In excellent condition, and only used by me for a little over a year, and has been my backup flute ever since. Gemeinhardt Silver head Open Hole Flute3SH. Check It Out $80.00. New Gemeinhardt 3OB copy open hole flute w Yamaha flute care kit list 199800. Check It Out $288.00. Gemeinhardt 22SP Silver Plated Flute w Original Case GOLD Lip Plate Sep 15, 2011 · What is the value of a Gemeinhardt m3s open hole flute serial no 632296? USD$1-400, Depends on the state of conservation. Asked in Colt Pistols and Rifles , Instrument Buying and Selling , Flute Jan 31, 2006 · Hi and welcome to the board. I would try to upgrade if you can. It is called open holes. Just to help you out some. If you are set on getting an open hole flute then you most likely are going to have to find a used brand for a half way decent one. I prefer closed hole and think that unle This is a clean starter flute for your band camper this summer or heading into school this fall. Thousands of beginners started on the Gemeinhardt M2, so its reputation precedes itself. Good buy, clean shape. This Gemeinhardt M2 Closed-Hole Student Model Flute is being sold used and comes to you in good condition. Fits all Gemeinhardt open hole flutes, both 'C' and 'Low B' models. These pads are OEM from Gemeinhardt and the identical pads installed on all of their new instruments. Yellow in color and constructed using a double bladder skin and woven felt which provides a medium firmness. Gemeinhardt 2SP flute,serial number E12557, silver plated, closed hole, square shaped embouchure hole, all pads and wires intact, all keys fully functional. One of only 5% of its kind manufacured by Gemeinhardt, this flute is a collector's dream!... Major brands include Yamaha, Haynes, Miramatsu, Pearl, Gemeinhardt, and other used flutes. Please contact Gina's Flutes if you have any questions regarding any of our used flutes. Buy with confidence from Gina's Flutes - if you're not 100% satisfied with your used flute, return the flute within 7 days of receipt for a full refund.